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Ausgrid is Australia’s largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast, providing power to 4 million people.

Our network provides power for 1.6 million homes - delivering energy to household customers is a crucial part of what we do. There's lots we know but there is also a lot to still learn.

We are using this engagement hub to talk to a broad range of customers, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, life support customers, customers experiencing vulnerable circumstances including those who have challenges paying their bills, renters, young adults and customers who experiences outages and supply issues. We are also hosting discussion forums and running a deliberative panel to help make sure our proposal balances short-term needs and long term-priorities.To read what our customers have told us so far, see the Voice of Community Panel Report in the document library, written by our customers to answer the question'How should Ausgrid look to the future while being fair to today's customers'.

The energy network is changing

More extreme weather events including bushfires, floods and storms have emphasised the importance of moving to a low carbon future. The way we generate energy through renewable sources is driving change in the way Ausgrid operates. Energy delivery is being influenced by the adoption of new technologies such as solar, batteries and electric vehicles. Our pattern of energy use is evolving as we make changes to the way we live and work. Customer needs are also changing but the focus on energy affordability and good customer service remains constant.

All these factors mean we need to respond to keep delivering for customers today, while planning for the future network in a way that is inclusive and leaves no one behind. That's why we want you to take part and share your experiences and ideas.

How to get started

  1. If you are new to electricity and energy find out more below in 'Energy 101'
  2. Our video introduction will give you an overview of the changes impacting our energy industry and why we need your help to shape our future priorities
  3. Take a survey to express your interest in one of our onlineCustomer Discussion Groups
  4. Share your experiences and ideas in our Customer Forum
  5. Encourage your friends and community to have their say too

Ausgrid is just one part of supply chain that brings energy to your home. This means the bill you receive contributes towards all these steps in the chain. As this diagram shows, when you pay for electricity, you are paying for:

  • Generation costs: The cost of generating the electricity - 31% of your bill
  • Transmission costs: The cost of transporting energy from powerplants to network distributors - 11% of your bill
  • Distribution costs: The cost of distributing energy to homes and businesses - 35% of your bill
  • Retail costs: The cost of managing your account and sending you your bill - 15% of your bill
  • Environmental scheme costs: Contributions to environmental schemes - 8% of your bill

Infographic of Ausgrid's supply chain