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Network Resilience

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Over the next 10 years, how can Ausgrid best support the communities we serve in adapting to a changing climate?

Australians have generally enjoyed the benefits of a highly resilient, secure, and reliable energy system. However, there are several escalating challenges that present an increasing risk to the resilience of electricity networks into the future. With global mean temperatures increasing, there is an increase in more natural hazards and extreme weather events and therefore an increased likelihood or probability of events that will impact the network.

We are now starting to see observable impacts to communities and businesses. Natural hazards and extreme weather events increasing frequency reveal the vulnerability of Australian communities and infrastructure, including the electricity network.

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For Ausgrid, engagement is critical to meeting the needs of our customers and the development of regulatory proposals submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). In partnership with other networks, Ausgrid has prepared a paper to help consult with customers and stakeholders on this important issue.

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The consultation paper– which you can find in the Document library on this page - forms part of a broader engagement on “Network Resilience”, which seeks to understand how we can best support the communities we serve in adapting to a changing climate over the next 10 years and the increased community reliance on reliable electrical networks.To enable us to do this, we must understand how our customers expect us to respond to climate change, its impact on our network and ultimately, our customers.

You can submit responses to the consultation paper by February 28th, 2022, or participate in theCustomer Forum below.

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