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Retailers are an key partner for Ausgrid, and your views are important to us as we plan for the future. On this page you will find information on our engagement, key topics and updates, and invitations to have your say.

Our engagement with retailers is for part of an extensive and broad engagement program. For more information on how we are engaging and with whom please have a look at our Regulatory Reset Engagement Framework.

We have heard from retailers that you value regular updates. In the document library on this page you will find a monthly newsletter, and any past newsletters.

Please read this month's newsletter here.

We are engaging with retailers to understand how their needs are changing and gain their insights to help shape our future priorities.

The energy network is changing

More extreme weather events including bushfires, floods and storms have emphasised the importance of moving to a low carbon future. The way we generate energy through renewable sources is driving change in the way Ausgrid operates. Energy delivery is being influenced by the adoption of new technologies such as solar, batteries and electric vehicles. Our pattern of energy use is evolving as we make changes to the way we live and work. Customer needs are also changing but the focus on energy affordability and good customer service remains constant.

All these factors mean we need to respond to keep delivering for customers today, while planning for the future network in a way that is inclusive and leaves no one behind. That's why it's important we understand how retailers are considering the future as we work together to achieve better outcomes for customers and the community.

How to get started

Watch our video to gain an overview of the changes impacting our energy industry and why we need your help to shape our future priorities.

Please register for the Retailer Forum when the registration is open.