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Our engagement approach


Customer engagement and advocacy is playing an increasing role in shaping energy network's regulatory price proposals. The Australian Energy Regulator expects Ausgrid to engage extensively with our customers and stakeholders to ensure our regulatory proposals are in our customer's long-term interests. Beyond this, conversations with our customers and stakeholders are critical because they help us understand their needs and priorities. The ultimate purpose of our engagement is to help us change, improve and become a better business for our customers.

We have developed an engagement framework to guide our broad discussions with customer and stakeholders. It was developed through a co-design process with the Reset Customer Panel and other consultative bodies. We are committed to seeking the involvement of those who are potentially affected by our decisions and promise their contribution will influence our plans and decision-making. You can view our Engagement Framework in the document library on our consultation pages.

Our engagement approach for the Regulatory Reset proposal for 2024-29 is based on five engagement principles: